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Legal Services:

VJJR provides its clients with premier legal service and support. You are the reason we exist and we understand the value of your patronage. Whether your need involves complicated legal issues or general business advice, we are here for you. While we specialize in every aspect of construction law, we also provide services for all aspects of commercial litigation and contracting. We are licensed and can represent your interests in both Nevada and California.

Our Construction practice is right for you whether you are a homeowner, subcontractor, general contractor or owner/developer. We can handle all your constructions needs including but not limited to: 

  1. Construction Defect,  including defense and claim prosecution; 

  2. Construction Delay,  including defense and claim prosecution;

  3. Breach of Contract;

  4. Mechanics’ Liens;

  5. Stop Notices;

  6. Contract and Lease Review; 

  7. Contract and Lease Drafting; 

  8. Insurance, including defense and claim prosecution; 

  9. Surety, including claim prosecution and principal recovery; 

  10. Bond review, including defense and claim prosecution; 

  11. Risk Avoidance. 

Innovative Billing:

VJJR also offers innovative legal billing including Flat Fee and a la carte pricing.  Tired of the uncertainty of the amount of money your lawyer is going to charge you? Tired of huge unexpected monthly legal bills? Tired of Attorney fees that nickel and dime you to death?  VJJR will review your yearly legal needs and propose an upfront Flat Fee for ALL your legal needs for a year! Now you can know your legal costs up front. The Flat Fee will include defense of all claims filed against you*, all claims you need to prosecute, contract review and drafting and general legal advice.

Document Review & Analysis:

VJJR has extensive experience reviewing, analyzing and categorizing voluminous document productions, organizing the documents by type, issue chronology or any other necessary case related category. Let VJJR place its experience and expertise in document review and analysis at your service. VJJR can prepare indexes as detailed as required by the issues and will prepare PDF formatted documents ready for inclusion in PowerPoint or other presentation media. For large firms or small, there is no need to hire additional personnel, contract with an experienced attorney to provide superior document review services.  VJJR Doc Review Flyer.pdf

Law Office Electronic Organization:

VJJR also develops office filing systems and protocols for law firms, from sole practitioners to large interstate firms. We develop simple, usable protocols for your firm's computerized file organization. Now, with mandatory e-filing in both State and Federal Court, combined with the fast pace of today's legal practice and client's expectations of near instantaneous service, a well organized and accessible file system is more important than ever.

We examine your current filing system and develop a cost effective system to allow your office to operate at peak efficiency. Gone are the days of waiting minutes for your assistant to retrieve a file. When our systems and protocols are installed you will be able to access every document in every file within seconds from anywhere. Over the course of a year this can result in a savings of thousands of dollars in lost billing. Or provide you with more time to concentrate on growing your practice or enjoying your family. Greatly increasing your quality of life.

* Claims where defense is provided for and/or covered by your CGL policy or other insurance are excluded. However, if acceptable to your insurance coverage company we will handle your defense of these claims for the insurance companies standard panel rates paid for by the insurance companies.


VJJR Attorney at Law